Some Practical Ideas to Deal with Small Homes Design in India

Dealing with interior design in Indian style is a hard work if we have a tight budget. Hiring an interior designer is not the right solution. This saves our time, indeed, but, this is a redundancy that we actually can avoid. But how can we avoid paying more money for a perfect interior? There are some practical ideas and tips of homes design in India that deliver us the point where we can find our home interesting. Of course, our home will also feel comfort.

Worth Trying Interior Design Ideas for Small Homes in India

When we work with a small space and room, the most common issue is about the storage system. A large room will look small when it does not have the appropriate shelving units. There are some ideas to take related to this problem of small homes design in India. They can be simply by employing wall shelves to keep and display some stuff. Closed storage is more recommended for cleaner look. There are also some creative furniture designs that double its function such as sofa with hidden storage. In the bedroom, there are also some unique designs of bed with design in india_2

Furnishing is another idea to consider. Besides selecting the furniture which offers more benefits, we should also consider the available space. Small living room in homes design in India requires L-shaped sofa. This sofa can maximally make use of the corner space. Look lively the size of the furniture. Small room needs to be furnished with small sized furniture. It is better to have rectangle shaped furniture than one with curvy or rounded shape. Selecting furniture made of transparent glass is another alternative to take. Glass still provides more spacious sense.

Decoration is another important aspect to bend on. Indian home design photos mostly represent bold natural accents for the interior. Plantations can be involved, especially in the living room. Potted greens next to the sofa, small vase with flower on the coffee table, and hanging vines on the wall are a perfect set of natural decoration. Together, they produce refreshing nuance inside the room. For more relaxing feel, some homes design in India offer hanging chair installed in living room. It is a surprising indoor retreat.

Lighting is another crucial part of Indian small house design interior. Bright lighting can make the stuffy room feel roomy. Similar to the other contemporary home design, Indian homes also apply ample windows. One of the popular window designs is the floor to ceiling design. Some homes design in India is with neutral toned interior and sunlight works well with this interior. Some lighting fixtures such as ceiling lamp, floor lap and table lamp can be included for a perfect illumination.

The last idea for small homes design in India is related to the architecture design. Some modern Indian homes are completed with double height ceiling. Higher ceiling represents roomy feel. If double height design is not possible, thus there are some alternatives to take such as vaulted and domed ceiling designs.

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