Building Cozy Basement Bar with These Home Bar Design Plans

A home bar can be the heart of the home because it can be the focal point of the home. It is a fun place where the family members or they with guests or friends casually gather, have some conversations and jokes and hold some parties or celebrations. Bar can be indoor and outdoor. Sometimes, it is built in basement. Whenever the space, they must be built based on the following ideas of home bar design plans.home bar design plans_4

Basic Ideas of Basement Bar Designs

Floor plan design is the first thing to consider. You can create the home bar design plans by using certain free software. For the inspirations, you may grab some home bar design plans free. You are lucky to find an appropriate design plan that you can directly apply for your own. However, for a better result, you can also combine some ideas of the design plans. The plans will deal with layout, painting, furniture and decoration.home bar design plans_3

Since home bar is where some persons gather and have some meals, this place should be comfortable. It is supported with the layout home bar design plans. You need to precisely determine where to put the cabinet, island and seating units. Sometimes, basement bar also features billiard table. Depending on the architectural design and the size of the basement, all of those elements should be well organized. For a long narrow basement, you can have the barista area next to the entrance while in front of it there is a gathering spot with billiard table nearby.home bar design plans_5

Another simple yet influential aspect for comfortable atmosphere is room painting. Neutral painting is perfect for basement bar. Basement usually does not have clear natural lighting so that white painting is recommended. Use the best paint to avoid the bad effect of high humidity of the basement. Then, this should be completed with home bar design plans lighting. Contemporary home bar design pictures show how recessed ceiling lamps excellently work. However, you can still complete them with wall and hanging lamps.home bar design plans_8

The next consideration of home bar design plans is about the selection of the furniture. As previously mentioned, bar needs a cabinet and island. The island is commonly completed with some stools. Bottle rack is another important item to add in this barista area. Since bar is the place to gather, employing seating units is a must. Basement bar may also have a large screened TV mounted on the wall. As usual, shelving units may be added surrounding the TV to keep and display some goods unless the TV is installed in barista zone.home bar design plans_7

To complete the interior decoration, there are some items that can be employed. Memorabilia can be displayed on the wall. Decorative rug may complete the sofa and coffee table. Pendant lamps are installed aver the bar island. Sometimes, ceiling fan is required to complete this home bar design plans interior. It neutralizes the vibe preventing fusty smell. For a country style and rustic look, presenting exposed brick walling and beams on ceiling is a nice plan.

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